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The Baking Podcast

Welcome to The Baking Podcast Website!

Nov 8, 2016

Meet the sisters, Melody the business girl, and Taunya the baker girl. The pair host The Baking Podcast. 

In Episode 000, you hear Melody's unique hair coloring technique for in between visits to the salon and who is NOT passionate about baking. You will also find out what they will be talking about in future episodes, and why the heck they decided to launch a podcast in the first place. Melody and Taunya Plan to expand their cottage bakery into a full-fledge store front! This is a fun, unscripted, zany, and slightly awkward, first take recording podcast; and that's how they roll!

You can email the girls at Find them on Facebook "The Baking Podcast" and on Instagram under the same name.

We hope you join them on their journey!