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Mar 29, 2018

In this episode we tackle the croissant! It is a monumental undertaking, but the good news, that even your failed attempts will be wholly delicious AND they are really fun to make and practice. Melody also talks about our first fan visit from out of town!

The sisters also give an update on the business and announce our Bad Ass Baker of the episode.

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Many Thanks to Joy The Baker, who was actually in the same class as Taunya when she first dived into the wonderful world of croissants. This detailed recipe is the best. 

Taunya's Notes: I like to substitute the water for milk, which creates a richer dough. I also like to add a little steam to the oven when I place in the croissant. some heavy streamed sprays into the oven (and not ON the croissants) and a couple of ice cubes thrown into the bottom of the oven is just enough. Lastly, if you cannot eat 12 croissants in one day, you can freeze them in a ziploc (it's best to freeze them the same day as baked)--to reheat, place in oven @350 degrees for about 10 minutes!

Croissant recipe